This public-private partnership provides clean drinking water for nine million New Yorkers.

20 Year Anniversary

On November 8, 2013, at our 20th Anniversary Celebration, we recognized five environmental stewards with four recognition awards:

Watershed Steward Award
Fred Huneke, Thorn-Ridge Farm

Watershed Agricultural Program Award
Dar-View Farms

Pure Catskills Business Award (2 recipients)
Richard Giles, Ken Jaffe

Karl Connell Award
Dan Palm

Thank you to our Business Supporters -- Rettew Engineering and Catskill Mountain Forestry Services -- for helping us recognize these individuals. Thanks also go to Farm Credit East, ACA: Lost Lake Inc.; Robinson Bros. Excavating; and Energy Service Providers for their contributions.











For 20 years, we've been part of a collaborative effort to keep drinking water clean for nine million New Yorkers. That's 1.1 billion gallons a day, 365 days a year, for 20 years...we figure that's over 8-quadrillion gallons of water, enough to fill over 12 million Olympic-sized swimming pools!

Because of the way the Watershed Agricultural Council got started, we were a bit hesitant about when to celebrate our anniversary. Local farmers took the fight to the City in 1990, then negotiated a pilot agricultural program in 1991. The group began restructuring the whole approach in 1992; in fact, the Council officially documented its nonprofit status on September 23, 1993. Taking all this into consideration, we're celebrating our 20-year anniversary starting January 2013.

You'll know something's a part of this year's anniversary fanfare if it displays our 20-year logos, like those at right. These represent our renewed commitment to watershed communities, strong local economies, and clean drinking water, just as our mission has guided us over the last 20 years.



Have you been part of our double-decade journey? Contribute to our History in the Making timeline by emailing us here. The timeline at right chronicles the last 20 years, program accomplishments, and those impacts on our community. Share your stories with us through photos and video, as a Success Stories listed here.


Of course we couldn't have done it without

-- you, the program participant who voluntarily signed on to make this work;

-- our funders NYC Department of Environmental Protection, U.S. Forest Service and the U.S.D.A.; and,

-- our many partners like Cornell Cooperative Extensions, Soil & Water Conservation Districts, U.S.D.A. Natural Resource Conservation Service and over 50 regional nonprofit collaborators.

WAC 20 Year Anniversary


WAC 20th Celebration Business Sponsor: Rettew Engineering